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April 2017  Volume 15, Number 4        

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The CBO Scores the AHCA

As we went press, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its cost-and-coverage estimates of the American Health Care Act (see our main story).

The CBO says the AHCA would cut the federal budget deficit by $337 billion over 10 years, cut taxes by nearly $900 billion and reduce federal spending by $1.2 trillion.

The CBO also predicts 14 million Americans would be uninsured by 2018 under the AHCA due to “repealing the penalties associated with the individual mandate.”

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price reacted, saying, “We disagree strenuously with the report that was put out.”

In an editorial, the Wall Street Journal agreed with Price, saying the CBO has historically underestimated the benefits of market-driven reforms, such as the AHCA. Its ObamaCare enrollment estimates predicted, for example, 26 million enrollees in 2017; the actual number was 10 million. In addition, said the Journal, CBO failed to account for the number of people who would game the system by “signing up for coverage just before they need expensive procedures.”

“I firmly believe that nobody will be worse off financially in the process that we’re going through,” Price said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday.

Doug Elmendorf, former director of the Congressional Budget Office, disagreed. He said on CNN on Monday that Price’s claim was “absurd.” “This legislation will cut subsidies substantially; millions of people will lose health insurance,” he said. Health Insurance

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