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October 2017  Volume 15, Number 10        

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Equal Health Care Benefits for Everyone – Even Congress?

More than a million Americans have signed the Change.org petition which proposes the elimination of health care subsidies for members of Congress and their families if Congress removes those subsidies for individuals.

Daniel Jimenez of Portland, Ore., started the petition. Jimenez’ father was unable to get coverage through his employer and his treatment was delayed until his illness had progressed too far. Jimenez worries that if the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is repealed, many more people will also end up in the same situation, with no coverage.

Although the Senate failed to pass a bill to repeal and replace ACA in July, many worry the issue will be resurrected.

“Like millions of people who are panicking about possible changes to their health insurance,” Jimenez said, “I’m concerned the people elected to represent us won’t have to live with the consequences or expenses that the rest of us may have to face soon. I want lawmakers to commit to treating themselves just like those who will be impacted by ACA repeal or replacement.”

Senators and representatives currently can purchase a Gold Plan on the marketplace. About 72 percent of the premiums are subsidized by the federal government. If Obamacare were repealed, members of Congress could return to the generous Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

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