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February 2018  Volume 16, Number 2        

The Advantages of Bundling Group Dental and Vision Insurance

If you shop around, you might be able to save money and get better group coverage by purchasing your dental and vision insurance from the same company.

By purchasing them as a bundle, you could qualify for a discount for buying “in bulk.” Many insurance companies are happy to offer lower prices since they know they’ll receive two premiums.

Another financial benefit bundling offers is you might be able to lock down your premiums for longer than 12 months. Some insurance carriers will guarantee a rate for 24 months if you purchase both plans from them. Then you can either put the savings toward other expenses or use the savings to improve your plan benefits. You also may qualify for extra coverage without spending extra money — such as including orthodontics in your dental plan.

You also might find a carrier who offers medical plans combined with dental and/or vision plans. Remember that if you use this option, your employees will not be able to pick and choose which coverage they want — they’ll have to go with all or none of the options in the bundled plan.

Whatever bundle you choose, make sure your carrier offers quality plans. No amount of money saved is worth a plan that doesn’t take care of your employees’ basic medical, dental and vision needs.

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