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January 2021  Volume 19, Number 1        

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The Importance of Educating Employees About Health Care Benefits

Researchers have historically believed that employees make poor choices when offered too many health care benefit options. Now a new analysis shows that even two choices can be confusing.

The Conversation, a nonprofit news organization, discovered that when employees were given two choices, one fourth chose the plan that was financially worse. Both plans offered the same non-cost benefits, but most chose the higher premiums and lower out-of-pocket expenses. The analysis found that 97 percent would have been better off with the plan that had lower premiums but higher cost-sharing because their health risk factors were low.

While experts recommend helping employees make better informed decisions by providing research and analysis tools, they also recommend employees be informed about:

  • Benefit and plan summaries: These explain in detail what the plan offers. Some plans include programs to help employees better manage their health such as case management or telemedicine.
  • Member ID cards: Network, group and member numbers and the insurance company's phone numbers are on ID cards.
  • Provider directories: Employees usually pay more if they go out of network; they must know where to find the directory, or how to check participation by their provider online.
  • Discounts: Some health plans offer discounts. The carrier's website is a good resource.





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