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September 2021   Volume 19, Number 9        

Paid Leave Expands During Pandemic, But Employees Fear Repercussions

During the pandemic many employees expressed the need for paid time off (PTO) — and employers responded, according to the Hartford’s latest Future of Benefits Study 2021.

The study showed that 75% of employers expanded their paid leave and PTO programs beyond state or federal requirements. The most common benefits added last year were paid medical leave and sick time:

  • Medical leave: 46%
  • Sick time: 46%
  • Family leave: 39%
  • Parental leave: 30%
  • PTO/vacation time: 30%

However, the data also showed that some employees believe there is a stigma associated with taking a leave of absence. In fact, 31% of employees in the survey said they are fearful of workplace repercussions for taking leave, such as getting fired, laid off, skipped over for a promotion/raise or reduced hours. And 29% believed there is a negative perception associated with taking leave.

According to the Hartford, “The need for paid time off for medical leave or caregiving is not going to diminish once the pandemic is over — and neither is the complexity of leave management and compliance for employers. As the leave landscape continues to rapidly change, employers face a variety of challenges in administering the many types of leaves to fully support their workers.”

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Paid Leave Expands During Pandemic, But Employees Fear Repercussions



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