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March 2022  Volume 20, Number 3        


Why It Makes Sense to Offer a Digital Security Benefit to Employees

Digital security is a popular new benefit that not only protects employees but helps employers, too.

That’s why 78 percent of surveyed employers told the global advisory, company Willis Towers Watson that they plan to offer identity theft protection as an employee benefit.

Digital security includes the resources used to protect online identity, data and other assets. These resources include web services, antivirus software, smartphone SIM cards, biometrics and secured personal devices. It differs from cyber security which protects the infrastructure, including entire networks, computer systems and other digital components.

As more companies allow and even encourage employees to work from home, employers are realizing the importance of protecting employees’ online presence. For instance, employees who use their home computers for work and use unsecure Wi-Fi can unwittingly give cybercriminals access to employer records. Other potential threats come from employees who allow family members to use their work devices, where they may click on suspicious links or download contaminated software.

Even if the cybercriminal only steals an employee’s private information, security company Sontiq.com explains that the loss can cause emotional distress, costing an average of $1,343 per identity theft incident.

Offering this benefit to your employees will create a security system that monitors unauthorized use of employees' personal identifiable information, such as Social Security numbers, bank account details, passwords, or medical information. If suspicious activity is discovered, employees receive an alert to change their passwords, freeze accounts or address fraudulent claims.

You may even wish to pay for the coverage yourself, so employees are more engaged with cybersecurity and a professional resolution is quickly available if employees’ devices are hacked.





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Why It Makes Sense to Offer a Digital Security Benefit to Employees



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