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September 2023  Volume 21, Number 9        

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Unlimited PTO Gaining Traction: Is Now the Time?

In recent years, a growing number of employers have been experimenting with unlimited paid time off policies. But is now the right time for your organization to make the switch?

The State of PTO Today

Paid time off policies have come a long way from their inception, transitioning from set vacation days to paid personal days and floating holidays. Unlimited PTO takes this evolution a step further by removing a set number of days entirely. Still a relatively new concept, only 8 percent of employers currently offer unlimited vacation, according to a 2023 SHRM survey.

Why Some Companies Are Embracing Unlimited PTO

Proponents of unlimited vacation cite both employee and employer benefits as driving factors. Unlimited PTO can improve work-life balance, reduce burnout and increase satisfaction for employees. Employers may see enhanced recruitment and retention, elimination of “use it or lose it” PTO crunches, and higher engagement.

With unlimited vacation, employees can take time as needed without worrying about accruing days. Experts say this leads to better rest, productivity and morale when compared to scrambling to use PTO at year-end. The policy also gives employees greater ownership over their schedules.

Considerations Before Making the Leap

Despite potential upsides, unlimited PTO comes with risks. Without accrual caps, some employees may take less time off than with set PTO days. Tracking absence can prove challenging without balances. Some guardrails and oversight are still needed to prevent misuse.

State and local paid sick leave laws may still apply under unlimited PTO, meaning additional administration. And with unpredictable absences, maintaining workflows and fairness takes effort.

Best Practices for Making Unlimited PTO Work

For unlimited PTO to succeed, strategic implementation is key. Clear communication ensures alignment on expectations and prevents misunderstandings. Set guidelines for minimum and maximum time off should be implemented to help normalize vacation usage.

Manager training is critical to teach overseers how to evaluate requests fairly while delivering on business objectives. Track PTO usage carefully to spot potential gaps or abuse issues promptly. Remind managers to suggest employees take time off when they seem stressed or overworked.

Leaders should model work-life balance behaviors to build a culture that values rest and relaxation. Consider occasional companywide refresh days where the entire team takes off together. Maintain flexible policies allowing reversal if unlimited PTO does not fit over time.

While unlimited PTO is gaining traction as an employee benefit, it requires an investment in change management to pay dividends. With strategic rollout and ongoing tweaks, unlimited vacation could be a win-win for your organization and its people.

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Unlimited PTO Gaining Traction: Is Now the Time?



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