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November/December  Volume 27, Number 6        

Winter Prep Check-up

It’s that time of year when Mother Nature begins to get feisty—sending a late-season hurricane or an early blizzard or torrential rainfall your way. Don’t wait for her to remind you that now is the time to make sure your business is ready for winter.

Your Building Is your building ready for winter weather? Have you:

  • Inspected the roof and completed routine maintenance?
  • Made sure the eaves are clear and the water will flow away from the building and public walkways?
  • Cleaned the storm drains and openings on grates?
  • Inspected windows for potential leaks?

Business Continuity If your office has to close several days during and after a storm, having a plan that allows crucial business activities to continue can prevent serious loss of income and/or customers. You should:

  • Identify critical operations such as payroll, financial reporting and shipping.
  • Identify employees responsible for critical functions.
  • Develop a plan for having these employees work off-site, if needed.
  • Test your plan in advance.

Maintain productivity by identifying employees who can work from home while tending to sick children or their own contagious ailments. Discuss the options with them in advance and develop a plan that includes:

  • An understanding as to what functions can be done at home.
  • An understanding of when an employee may work at home.
  • Providing the necessary equipment.

For more information on preparing for winter weather, please contact us.

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