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October 2016  Volume 9, Number 10        

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Presidential Candidates’ Views on Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the key issues in the upcoming presidential race, according to a recent Pew Research Poll. Here’s how the candidates for the two major parties —Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump — stand on the issue.


  • Expand Medicaid to make it easier for people who can’t afford coverage otherwise to enroll.
  • Allow undocumented immigrants access to healthcare.
  • Create a public option that would compete against private insurers.
  • Allow patients to visit a doctor three times without having to meet the plan’s deductible first.
  • Create a new refundable tax credit of up to $5,000 per family for high out-of-pocket costs.


  • Repeal the ACA on “Day One.”
  • Create a plan based on free market principles.
  • Return the authority to make government program healthcare decisions to the states.
  • Reduce barriers that make it harder for individuals to buy coverage across state lines.
  • Allow individuals to fully deduct health insurance premiums from their taxes.
  • Allow the funds from Health Savings Accounts to be inherited.
  • Enforce immigration laws to bring down ACA costs.

BOTH — More transparency in health care costs.


Clinton — Individuals ages 55 and older could voluntarily pay to enroll in Medicare to receive coverage instead of waiting until age 65.
Trump — Doesn’t want to do “a big number” on Medicare, although a policy adviser said they might trim some Medicare benefits.

Clinton — Would deny tax breaks for direct-to-consumer advertising and would insist that drug companies invest more in research and development. Wants additional generic drugs to be made available.
BOTH —In favor of allowing drugs to be imported from other countries; want Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices.

Clinton — Calls for investing $2 billion per year for Alzheimer’s and autism research.
Trump — The disease is a top priority.


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Presidential Candidates’ Views on Healthcare


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