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Fall 2018  Volume 11, Number 3        

Too Much Blue Light? Filtering Lenses May be the Answer

Do you spend a lot of time working on a computer or looking at your smartphone? If so, are your eyes bothering you? Are you having difficulty sleeping?

You could be experiencing sensitivity to blue light. Fortunately, you have options to reduce the side effects.

Check your vision coverage to see if it includes blue light filtering lenses for your eyeglasses. Blue light filtering protection can be added to the lens material or applied as a lens coating.

The reason it's important to reduce your exposure to blue light is because computers, tablets, flat screen televisions, energy-efficient light bulbs and Smartphones all produce artificial blue light. While natural blue light produced by the sun can be good for you, a lot of blue light — particularly from a backlit electronic device — can cause eye strain, fatigue and sometimes permanent damage to your eyesight — such as macular degeneration.

And if you think you're not really being exposed to that much blue light, consider this: a 2014 Internet Trends study shows the average American spends more than seven hours looking at electronic screens and less than eight hours sleeping.

Cutting screen time is one answer. But that's not a viable solution for those who can't cut back on computer time — like when your day-to-day job requires it. Participants in the 2017 "Employee Perceptions of Vision Benefits" survey sponsored by Transitions Optical, said they would prefer to use corrective lenses with blue light protection (44 percent) rather than change the screen settings on their devices (24 percent) or reduce their exposure (17 percent).

If you think blue filter lenses might alleviate some of your eye strain, and you want help with the cost, check your vision policy to see if the lenses are covered by your vision insurance. Don't have a vision policy? We can help.


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Too Much Blue Light? Filtering Lenses May be the Answer


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