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Spring 2022  Volume 15, Number 1        

Options If You Don’t Have Dental Insurance

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. national public health agency, estimates that more than a third of all Americans haven’t visited a dentist in the last year.

While some Americans admit they skip going to the dentist because they’re afraid, most say it’s lack of funds or dental insurance that keeps them from making an appointment. Putting off an appointment can cost you a lot more money later as a dental condition gets worse. Fortunately, you have several options for affordable care:

Dental School

The cost of getting care from a dental student is a fraction of what you’d pay to see a dentist who graduated from a similar program. Licensed professors oversee each stage of dental work completed at their school and many of these programs offer cutting-edge technology and clinical trials. To find a dental school, call your local dental school or contact the American Dental Association.

The downside is that the average visit is usually three times longer than getting a procedure done at a licensed dentist’s office.

Current Benefits

You may qualify for dental benefits if you have Medicaid, or your children have qualified for the Children’s Health Insurance Program. While health insurance usually doesn’t cover routine dental care, it does usually cover dental treatments and procedures that are medically necessary to stay well, including surgeries that involve correction of facial deformities or treatment of jaw disorders.


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Options If You Don’t Have Dental Insurance


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