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Fall 2015  Volume 11, Number 3        

This Just In...

If your house is 40 years old or more and built on a slab, check your pipes. Copper piping will last virtually forever in your walls; however, copper plumbing buried in or under foundations can corrode, particularly if exposed to acidic soil. Pipe failure could require a costly replumbing job.

The homeowners policy will cover damage from any leaks in the old plumbing, but it will not cover repairs or preventive maintenance. Checking with a licensed plumber could save you thousands on repair costs and minimize aggravation.

How can you detect water leaks underground or behind walls? Technology comes to the rescue in the form of infrared thermography (IT). This technology works by capturing images of the infrared light objects emit due to heat. Because moist areas generally emit less heat than surrounding areas, any moist building materials will show up as cool spots on a thermograph.

For more information on what your homeowners policy covers, please contact us.

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