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Summer 2016  Volume 12, Number 2        

What to do in a Power Outage

Rolling blackouts have become a part of life during summer in certain areas of the country, while lightning strikes and other disasters can cause longer-lasting power outages. Here’s what you should know about power outages

Your first priority will be to ensure the safety of anyone who might be on your property when an outage occurs. You will need:

  1. At least one non-electrical telephone. Cellular networks might be jammed. Cordless telephones and those with built-in answering machines require electricity to work. You should have at least one non-electrical unit that can plug directly into the jack. Emergency lines are likely to be jammed—to check on the status of a power outage, contact your utility company directly. You may also want to buy a battery-powered charger for your cell phone(s).
  2. A battery-powered radio and extra batteries, to hear newscast and emergency reports.
  3. Flashlights and spare batteries, located in a place easy to find in the dark.
  4. Emergency supplies, in case the outage lasts more than a day. These include blankets, water, emergency food (that does not require refrigeration or heating) and a cooler and ice packs for medications that need refrigeration.

What to do during a power outage

To prevent your house from heating up to an unhealthy degree while air conditioning is unavailable, close shades, curtains or drapes during daylight hours; open windows and doors to allow ventilation when it’s darker and cooler outside. If you have frail or elderly family members who might find heat too stressful, you could consider buying a generator to power air conditioners and fans during an outage.

Avoid opening the refrigerator and freezer. Homeowners policies exclude coverage for loss due to power failure; however, some comprehensive policies provide a minimal amount of coverage, up to $500, for food spoilage. If you need more coverage—say you’re a hunter and keep freezers full of valuable game—you can usually add this coverage to your policy by endorsement. For information, please contact us.

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