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What Does that Speeding Ticket Really Cost?

Every year, about 41 million Americans, or one-fifth of drivers, get speeding tickets. They pay more than $6.2 billion in fines, according the U.S. Highway Patrol.

Speeding tickets are big business. reports that the average annual speeding ticket revenue per U.S. police officer is $300,000! With municipalities strapped for cash, and technologies such as cameras and sensors making it easier to catch violators, your chances of getting caught are probably increasing.

So, what will a speeding ticket cost you? The average ranges from $110 to $150; your actual costs will vary depending on the locale, your speed in excess of the limit, and other factors.

But your costs don't end there. Getting caught speeding could result in the following charges:

  • Traffic school. Some jurisdictions allow first-time violators, or those who haven't been cited in a while, to go to traffic school. Pass the course and your violation won't appear on your driving record. Expect to pay $35 or more, plus your lost time.
  • Increased premiums. Driving 1-15 miles above the speed limit will add an average of 20.54 percent to your insurance premiums. Driving 16-30 miles per hour over the limit will add 28.06 percent, and 31+ miles per hour will cost you nearly 30 percent extra. (Source:
  • Points. In most states, insurers use a point system to determine a driver's safety record. A moving violation will add points to your driving record. When your points reach certain levels, your insurer will add surcharges to your insurance premiums. Points stay on your driving record anywhere between one and three years, depending on the state. Accumulate too many points, and you can lose your license.

If you get a speeding ticket in a rental car or out of state, don't think you're off the hook. A ticket follows your license, not the car. Most states' motor vehicle departments have reciprocity, which means they share information on driving violations. Your ticket will likely catch up to you.

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