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Summer 2019  Volume 15, Number 2        

This Just In ...

In addition to self-driving cars, now there are cars that know how to watch out for themselves.

In early May, in Sacramento's Old Town, two men who keyed the side of a parked Tesla were caught on camera by the car's Model 3 Sentry Mode alarm system. The system notified the owner and played him video of the men laughing as first one then the other takes a key to the car and scratches the paint away. He called police and gave them the recording.

Other instances where the Tesla Sentry Mode has taken action against culprits who meant it harm include filming a former judge and politician who crashed into a Tesla Model 3 and left the scene of the accident; and helping San Francisco cops nab a would-be car thief who broke into a Model 3.

"If a minimal threat is detected, such as someone leaning on a car, Sentry Mode switches to an ‘Alert’ state and displays a message on the touchscreen warning that its cameras are recording," according to product information from Tesla, Inc. "If a more severe threat is detected, such as someone breaking a window, Sentry Mode switches to an ‘Alarm’ state, which activates the car alarm, increases the brightness of the center display, and plays music at maximum volume from the car’s audio system."

Earlier this year, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, Inc., tweeted that Tesla’s Sentry Mode would play Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor during a robbery.

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