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Winter 2020  Volume 16, Number 4        

Why Do People in Horror Movies Never Have Insurance?

Do you ever wonder whether sometimes people in the movies could have avoided a lot of trouble if they just had insurance?

Probably not. Only insurance people think about things like that. Nevertheless, it's interesting to consider how insurance could have been useful in some famous horror movies.

Poltergeist: In this 1982 Steven Spielberg classic, uninvited ghosts destroy a house and garden, ultimately transporting everything from the haunted property into another dimension. Of course making a claim on their homeowners policy would have been just the beginning of any attempts by Steven and Diane Freeling to make things right. The developers, it turns out, built the home on a graveyard without bothering to remove the graves. If they carry liability insurance and real estate professional liability insurance, however, the developers should be covered when the homeowners sue them for negligence for failing to disclose that the house was built on top of cemetery plots.

Cujo: One of the benefits of most pet health insurance policies is that getting shots regularly updated costs little or nothing. If Cujo's owners had been keeping the friendly St. Bernard's rabies vaccinations up to date, there would have been no repercussions when a rabid bat bit him on the nose — resulting in several deaths, including his own, not to mention considerable damage to a Ford Pinto which Cujo attacked as well. Car insurance would have helped there, too.

Friday the 13th: Mrs. Voorhees goes on a mad killing spree after her son drowns in a lake because the camp counselors are having a deep dive with sex instead of lifeguarding her boy. Perhaps if Mrs. Voorhees had known that Camp Crystal Lake carried business liability insurance, she would have known that she could sue for her son's wrongful death instead. Probably not though. Horror movies and insurance don't mix well.

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