April 2017   Volume 43, Number 4      


Silicon Valley Is the Top U.S. Real Estate Market

Silicon Valley has the strongest commercial real estate market out of any major U.S. metro, according to a new report by JLL. JLL’s City Momentum Index ranks 134 major business hubs from around the world based on 42 factors.

The report factored in changes in commercial space absorption, rent, construction, and investment in retail, office and hotel sectors. Of all the markets analyzed by the study, Silicon Valley outranked them all. For the past three years straight, Silicon Valley managed to retain the top spot in JLL’s City Momentum Index.

Greg Matter, JLL’s managing director in its Silicon Valley office, says that the region’s economy is becoming more resilient as the breadth of industries and companies in Silicon Valley expands. The changes are a result of the tech industry expanding beyond traditional software and hardware into sectors like artificial intelligence and automotive technology.

“There definitely are industries that are high-growth on the horizon that really have been nurtured and really grown here,” he said. “Looking at that, the next economic resurgence will, in all likelihood, start and end in Silicon Valley again.”

Sunnyvale and Santa Clara Calif. were also named in the report as two of the top U.S. tech submarkets.

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