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How Realtors Are Using Mobile Technology

The immense growth in the use of mobile technology — specifically consumer-facing real estate technology — has resulted in some significant changes for Realtors..

A recent data report by Flurry, an analytics firm, found that the average U.S. smartphone user spends at least five hours per day using a mobile device, an increase of 20 percent as compared to 4Q 2015. 92 percent of that time was spent inside an app.

In addition to consumers, mobile devices are very important to Realtors. A survey conducted by Realtors Property Resource (RPR) found that 98 percent of Realtors believe a mobile device is “moderately important,” “important” or “very important” for their day-to-day work.

How Apps Have Changed Real Estate

Apps are enabling Realtors across the nation to perform job-specific tasks while on the go. Realtors can view data, aggregate buyer queries, schedule real estate showings, and open lockboxes. Certain apps also enable agents to send custom reports to clients via app-based messaging.

Mobile apps allow Realtors to send information to buyers and sellers by text or email. These streamlined communication channels save Realtors valuable time.

Most and Least Popular Mobile Activities for Realtors

Client communication and housing research topped the list of the most popular mobile activities for Realtors, according to the RPR study. Other activities that are popular include researching housing data (72 percent), performing financial calculations (44 percent), prospecting (34 percent) and client presentations/home showings (26 percent).

The least popular activities performed by Realtors on a mobile device include tours (21 percent), open houses (19 percent) and listing presentations (11 percent).

Knowledgeable agents and brokers understand that smartphones are a key part of today’s real estate marketplace. According to the 2017 Realtor Mobile Usage Report, 87 percent of Realtors agree that clients want to receive new housing alerts, market activity reports, and engage more directly with real estate communications on their mobile devices.

The majority of Realtors also reported that they frequently text their clients new house alerts, neighborhood reports, and financial information, instead of sending it via email. Realtors often work from a remote location — such as a car or an open house — which makes their smartphone their preferred option for quickly accessing data.

When asked about how much time they spend on a mobile device every day, 42 percent of Realtors reported they either spend “five to seven hours” or “eight or more hours.” Mobile technology is no longer just a helpful tool to make Realtors better at their jobs, it’s now a mandatory medium for the delivery of data.

Successful Realtors use the tech-driven consumer’s lifestyle to their advantage by sharing thousands of home characteristics, reports and information about school districts and neighborhoods, directly to buyers or sellers via a mobile device.

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How Realtors Are Using Mobile Technology


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