July 2017   Volume 43, Number 7      


Flexible Workspace Real Estate Trend Set to Take Off

It was not long ago that co-working began its rapid rise in popularity disrupting the traditional office market. These days, there is a new disruptor; third-party non-core real estate providers.

These providers offer temporary meeting space, conference rooms, and event space to companies that would have traditionally leased or rented space through a landlord. The goal is to provide employers with temporary solutions, helping them shrink square footage and giving them more options and flexibility.

“This new segment of conference and meeting events being outsourced is a whole new facet within flexible workspace that’s about to explode,” said Colliers International’s Ryan Hoopes, senior associate of Flexible Workspace Advisory Services in Dallas.

As employers shift toward smaller leases, demand for these third-party providers is growing and companies are sprouting up who want to get into the market. In April, event space liaison Bizly launched its online platform. The platform has raised $1.5M in venture capital and is undergoing another round of fundraising soon.

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