November 2017   Volume 43, Number 11      


Malls Need New Business Model Says CBRE Report

The traditional U.S. shopping mall business is in need of a significant revamp if it is expected to survive, according to a CBRE report.

The real estate research firm said malls need to shift from anchor department stores and smaller accessory and apparel chains — which take an average of 79% of leasable mall space combined — to include businesses that do not experience as much competition from e-commerce, such as restaurants, beauty outlets, and home furnishing stores.

In addition, today’s consumers, namely millennials, are looking for experiences they can’t get from purchasing merchandise online when they venture out to shopping malls. That’s why malls and even grocery stores with additional features are popping up more frequently.

Still, lease agreements can be as long as 10 years and often require the approval of department stores in order for major physical changes to be made to the mall itself.

Several malls that exemplify this shift are currently being developed in N.J., Miami, Fla. and Atlanta, Ga. However, retail innovations do not always have to be elaborate to draw in shoppers. Many establishments are also being designed to meet a social need in the community in addition to being a place to buy necessities.

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