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10 Reasons to Schedule a Seller Counseling Session

Scheduling a seller counseling session at the beginning of the selling process is an effective way to educate sellers, manage expectations, and establish open lines of communication. Plus it provides a great opportunity to get to know your clients better and reinforces the idea that you are working together to reach a common goal.

The counseling session can be a face to face meeting, a teleconference, or just a phone call. It helps to provide print material to guide the conversation and give the seller something to reference later if they have questions. How the meeting is conducted and the resources used can be tailored to reflect your individual style, but the important thing to remember is that a seller counseling session has many benefits for you and your sellers.

Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. Demonstrate Your Value – The session allows you to explain your background and highlight your qualifications. Your experience and expertise will put your clients at ease and confirm their decision to list with you was the right one.
  2. Set Expectations – Managing expectations from the beginning makes for fewer surprises, delays, and confusion in the long run. It will help your client understand their role, your role, and the roles of everyone else involved, making for a more seamless transaction. .
  3. Get on the Same Page – Use the session to deal with any confusion and potential misunderstandings up front, so you and your client are working together toward a common goal. .
  4. Reduce Risk – Whenever processes are clarified at the outset, the risk of conflict is reduced. This meeting will reduce chances for confusion, missteps, and conflict in the future. .
  5. Explain What You Can and Can’t Do – If you address this early, there will be few or no client expectations that you do something that makes you uncomfortable, or is unethical or illegal. Discuss required seller disclosures, the realtor code of ethics and explain your boundaries. .
  6. Outline the Process – Give your client the big picture about what the process will involve. Remember, this may be second nature to you, but your client may be feeling overwhelmed. With the big picture in mind so they know what to expect beforehand, it is less likely they will become upset with you .
  7. Position the Property – An honest conversation about the property, what can be done to improve it, like staging, as well as discussing its obstacles, will prepare everyone for the possibility of having to deal with price reductions, price negotiations, concessions, contingencies, multiple offers, deals that fall through, etc. .
  8. Explain Fees – Being up front about the different services clients are paying for will prevent objections and frustrations down the road. Explain how the fees relate to the value of what you do to help sell the property. .
  9. Gather Preferences – Does your client want a daily or weekly check-in? Do they prefer a phone call or text message? Will they allow a showing with less than 24 hour notice? Asking these types of questions allows you to provide top notch customer service. .
  10. Provide Resources – The session doubles as an opportunity to share resources the seller can take with them, read at their convenience, and ask questions about later. Takeaways and reading material are invaluable time-saving educational tools.

For many homeowners, selling a home may be something they do only once or twice in their lifetime. A seller counseling session not only educates sellers unfamiliar with the home selling process, it also helps you gain client trust and paves the way for a smoother transaction.

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10 Reasons to Schedule a Seller Counseling Session


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