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3 Facebook Updates That Affect the Way You Advertise Your Real Estate Business

In the last few months, Facebook has rolled out some updates to their Ads Manager feature that will affect the way you advertise your listings, business, and yourself as a REALTOR®. These updates include the removal of key options in detailed targeting and the addition of new options to target audiences and new ad layouts designed to provide audiences with a more engaging experience.

Detailed Targeting

After uncovering anti-Semitic ad targeting options in the job title/employer sections of their detailed targeting options, Facebook opted to remove the “self-reported targeting fields” in order to help rid the platform of hate speech and discrimination.

However, in this attempt, Facebook also removed many of the job title/employer options that real estate professionals use to target ads to their audiences. For instance, job titles such as “real estate sales agent, agent/broker, broker/owner, REALTOR®” (options that were previously available) are no longer available.

Event Interaction

Agents can bring in leads for open houses by using Facebook events. Sending all your followers an event invite for an open house can provide insight into who is interested in the property. Facebook has already seen the potential for advertisers who want to target followers who show interest in an event and are now allowing ads to target any person who has marked the invite as “interested,” “going,” or both.

Following the open house, you can use this list of “interested” invitees for further promotions. Send them a promoted ad of the listing, which will allow you to gain lead information from those who attended, as well as those who showed interest in the event. This will double your chances of getting the property sold.

New Canvas Layouts

Canvas ads are interactive ads that not many REALTORS® tend to use. Although this ad type requires more time to create, it enables audiences to engage with the ad on a deeper level by choosing the direction they want the ad to take them. Previously, Facebook only had one template available.

Realizing the potential, Facebook now offers two templates for users to choose from. Now you can use canvas ads to take your audience through a virtual tour of a home.

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Three Facebook Updates That Affect the Way You Advertise Your Real Estate Business


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