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June/July 2016  Volume 7, Number 3        

Enrolling Non-Native English Speakers

In the U.S., benefits have long formed an important part of an employee’s overall compensation package. And employees value their benefits. Many will go so far as to accept a position with a slightly lower salary because the employer offers a good health plan, dependent care benefits or spousal coverage, for example.

Voluntary benefits enhance the value of the overall benefit package. Sometimes, however, employees who are not native English speakers will have significantly lower participation rates than native English-speaking employees.

A language barrier is only part of the problem. Even if you are offering benefit materials in Spanish and other languages, financial and cultural barriers may exist. When enrolling employees in voluntary and other benefits, these factors could play a role:

  • Different family structures. Many immigrants live with, or nearby, large extended families. This might make their perceived need for certain coverages, such as long-term care, lower.
  • Economic factors. Many non-native speakers work in low-paying jobs. Buying insurance could be a low priority to them.
  • Distrust of institutions. Some immigrant populations have a higher level of distrust for large corporations, particularly financial institutions such as insurers.

If your benefits professional fails to address these topics, your employees could be missing out on valuable benefits that could enhance their personal financial situations. When selecting a voluntary benefits provider, make sure they will take the time to understand your employees’ demographics and tailor their offerings, enrollment materials and enrollment procedures to them. Participating in voluntary benefits can enhance job satisfaction and employee loyalty. For more information, please contact us.

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