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June/July 2016  Volume 7, Number 3        

This Just In

In a recent poll, 58 percent of employed adults say they lack confidence in their ability to handle legal issues on their own. And 54 percent said they are not prepared to handle unforeseen “legal events.”

The Harris Poll, conducted on behalf of Hyatt Legal Plans, also found that employed adults who had “legal issues” were most concerned in their ability to find and pay for an attorney when they needed one. When that led to them handling legal issues on their own, many survey respondents wished they had hired a lawyer. Their reasons included:

  • The outcome would have been more successful (51 percent),
  • It took too much time (35 percent),
  • I didn’t have the expertise needed (34 percent), and
  • I spent more money handling it on my own (28 percent).

A legal plan gives members low-cost access to an attorney when they need one. For more information, please see the article in this issue,"Legal Plans Help Employees Stress Less."

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