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New research from workers comp insurer, The Hartford, found 70% of employers now recognize employee mental health as a significant workplace issue, and 72% said stigma associated with mental illness prevents U.S. workers from seeking help.

Also, 52% of employers said they are experiencing significant or severe workplace issues due to substance misuse or addiction among their employees, according to The Hartford’s 2021 Future of Benefits Study, which polled U.S. workers and human resource benefit decision-makers this spring.

While the national study showed employers have strived to support workforce well-being and foster a more compassionate workplace, employers and workers are divided in key areas about mental health in the workplace:

  • 80% of employers said their company culture has been more accepting of mental health challenges in the past year, but only 59% of workers agree;
  • 79% of employers said they have an open and inclusive environment that encourages a dialogue about mental health, compared to 52% of workers who agree;
  • 77% of employers said leadership at their company encourages conversations about mental health, compared to 56% of workers who agree; and
  • 78% of employers said workers have flexibility in their schedule to get the mental health help they need, but just 58% of employees agree about this flexibility.

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