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March 2017  Volume 10, Number 3        

Retired? Need a Dentist? Here Are Your Options

Medicare does not cover dental procedures, unless they are part of a medical emergency and you receive care in a hospital. That means Medicare enrollees usually must pay for dental care out-of-pocket.

This is a serious issue, because good dental coverage is essential to good health.

Gum disease can cause tooth loss, worsen diabetes and create heart disease problems. Tooth pain also can make it difficult to maintain a healthy diet.

If you will retire soon or if you have already retired, here are some options for dental coverage:

Health Savings Account – Health Savings Accounts (HSA) compliment high-deductible health plans. You can use funds from an HSA to cover qualified out-of-pocket medical expenses. Money you take out to pay qualified expenses is tax exempt. Retirees enrolled in Medicare cannot add money to an HSA, but they can make withdrawals.

Medicare Advantage Plans – Private insurers offer Medicare Advantage Plans, also known as Medicare Part C. Part C plans can offer minimal dental care coverage depending on the type of plan you choose.

Medicaid – Medicaid is a federal-state insurance program for low-income people and those in need — including the elderly, blind or disabled people who are receiving federally assisted income maintenance payments. The level of dental benefits Medicaid provides varies from state to state. Most states cover at least emergency dental services for adults, but fewer than half the states cover comprehensive dental care.

Veteran’s Benefits – The VA Dental Insurance Program gives enrolled veterans and other beneficiaries the opportunity to purchase private dental insurance through Delta Dental and MetLife at reduced cost.

Private Dental Coverage – Private dental coverage is an option for anyone. Please contact us for information.

For more information on your dental coverage options, please contact us.


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Retired? Need a Dentist? Here Are Your Options


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