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Fall 2018   Volume 28, Number 4        

Lightning DOES Strike Twice

Lightning hits the ground in the U.S. about 15-20 million times per year. It occurs more often in certain areas than others.

For example, you're more likely to see a lightning storm — and to be struck by lightning — in Florida than in any other state. Even within Florida, certain areas seem to attract lightning more than others, such as towers, areas near standing water, etc.

Certain types of buildings are also more likely to be struck by lightning. The Ohio Insurance Institute reported that 30 percent of all church fires are lightning-related…probably not surprising due to their construction.

Some companies offer lightning detection and prediction systems. Lightning detection systems monitor your area for lightning strikes. When they detect lightning, an alarm will sound.

Lightning prediction systems monitor the electromagnetic field disruptions (or static) in the atmosphere. When EMF disruptions increase to the point that a lightning strike is likely, an alarm will sound.

Lightning detection and prediction systems are most useful for businesses or organizations such as sports arenas, water parks, etc. where large groups of people are outdoors. For more information on protecting your visitors, employees and property and mitigating the risk of lightning-related injuries and property damage, please contact us.

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