May 2017   Volume 43, Number 5      


Landscaping Tips to Improve Curb Appeal

Gorgeous and spacious interiors, including an updated kitchen and bathroom and plenty of storage, can help attract homebuyers. However, before they see these areas, they see the landscaping.

In fact, some buyers decide whether they want to purchase a home based on the looks of the outside of the home. Worse, they may not even bother to go inside if the home’s exterior doesn’t meet their expectations.

A cluttered front yard, chipped exterior paint, and a cracked driveway are examples of flaws that can drive away potential buyers. If homeowners want better results, they need to spend time cleaning up their homes and creating curb appeal.

Get Rid of the Clutter and Dead Plants. Start by removing the debris and dead plants. Getting rid of these items will help to create space in the yard. With this additional space, you’ll be able to add a few potted plants and bring some color to the yard.

If there are fallen leaves, someone needs to rake and sweep up the yard regularly. Keep in mind that your client’s home is on the market every day, not just when you are hosting an open house. Upkeep of the home’s exteriors should be a daily job. Buyers always want to see the house in its best condition and that begins at the street.

Spray Paint the Lawn. If there is dead grass, consider spray painting the lawn. Some cities are already using this method to fix lawns on foreclosed homes. Lawn paint is generally made from a non-toxic vegetable oil so that it won’t harm people or pets. Lawn paint is semi-permanent color, like hair dye. Although it fades over time, it lasts for about three months.

Fix Broken Items. If there are broken windows or dents in the garage door, fix them. Walk around the house and note the areas that need repairs. If there are places where the paint is peeling or chipped, then the homeowner should fix them. The costs of such repairs are generally minor, yet the payoff can improve the home’s value and desirability.

Add Color. Eye-catching color, such as a brightly painted front door, can do wonders. Even if the landscaping isn’t particularly attractive, adding eye-catching color can really make a home stand out.

The time and money you put into the landscaping will help attract more buyers and encourage them to more seriously consider your client’s home. Help your clients understand that all aspects of the home must be well maintained to attract as many potential buyers as possible. By upgrading the landscaping and exterior, you can make a great first impression

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Landscaping Tips to Improve Curb Appeal


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