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Winter 2016  Volume 11, Number 4        

This Just In ...

The presents are wrapped and the sleigh is ready for Santa’s annual trek around the world. Before Santa takes off, we’d like to remind him to check his insurance coverage. Although most personal auto insurance policies cover you if you occasionally drive another vehicle, delivering presents could be considered a business use. The personal auto policy excludes coverage for the use of a vehicle in the course of business, except in farming or ranching or other narrow exceptions.

However, a reindeer-powered flying sleigh likely wouldn’t qualify as an auto. Since flying sleighs are non-standard vehicles, Santa would likely have to buy insurance from a specialty insurer.

If Santa opted to modernize and use a snowmobile, he could find coverage from many insurers. Most snowmobile policies cover physical damage to the covered snowmobile, towing expenses and liability expenses. Liability coverage under the policy would pay if Santa’s snowmobile caused damage to roofs, chimneys, other structures or vehicles.

We’re not licensed on the North Pole, so we can only advise Santa to check with a local insurance broker. But we can help our local clients find coverage for snowmobiles, personal and business autos and other vehicles. Please contact us for more information.

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